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Top 3 Surprising Christmas Superfoods

Christmas time is always a time of over-indulgence when often your healthy food choices and lifestyle go out of the window. But there are ways to minimise this by including some traditional foods that will pack a nutritional punch. So, your can enjoy your Christmas food but with a little nod to health and a lot less guilt. Here are my top 3 Christmas superfoods to include this Christmas.



These tart and bitter berries are traditionally known for benefitting urinary tract infections. Yet their health benefits range way beyond that thanks to their impressive nutrient profile. They contain one of the highest concentrations of antioxidants of any fruit, making them very anti-inflammatory and immune supportive. Studies have shown that they improve multiple aspects of immune function and can help to lower the frequency of colds and flu, whilst also supporting gut health. Now, is the time of year that you can find the fresh berries in the supermarkets. Try making your own cranberry sauce for your Christmas lunch with this simple recipe . You can swap out the sugar for raw honey and use freshly squeezed orange juice. If cranberry sauce is not your bag, then try drinking some juice. Either juice them yourself or use an organic brand such as Biona.


We often encounter street vendors roasting chestnuts in the street when we are out Christmas shopping but we don't always think about including them with our Christmas festivities. These sweet and flavourful nuts are also packed with inflammation-busting antioxidants and high levels of B-vitamins. With studies showing that they can improve digestion, balance out blood sugar and energy and even improve brain function, these can be a great sweet snack alternative to chocolate this Christmas. Here is an easy way that you can enjoy your favorite street vendor snack and start chestnut roasting from the comfort of your own kitchen:

  1. Start with fresh chestnuts, and use a small knife to cut an “X” into each. This allows the steam to escape and prevents the chestnuts from bursting in the oven.

  2. Layer the chestnuts in a single layer on a baking sheet, and roast for 20–30 minutes at 425 degrees Fahrenheit. You’ll know the chestnuts are cooked when the shells crack open and they have turned a golden brown color.

  3. Remove from the oven, and allow to cool for a few minutes. Peel while they are still warm, and enjoy!


Not normally thought of as a superfood but this versatile green vegetable is packed with vitamins and minerals and contains a high level of glutathione. Glutathione is your 'master' antioxidant that is produced by your body and is one of your body's main defences. It's crucial to inactivate and detoxify bodily wastes and pathogens such as bacteria, viruses and fungi. At this time of the year, you have a lot more immune challenges and can it be hard for your body to keep making sufficient quantities or you can run low on the raw nutrient materials needed for production. And this is where asparagus comes into its own, as your body can utilise the ready-made glutathione found in asparagus. Here's a fabulously simple garlic asparagus recipe to try. The garlic and coconut oil in the recipe are both anti-microbial so will help to kill off infections, which makes this a highly effective immune-busting dish.

No matter what your circumstances this Christmas, there is always a way that you can include some high quality foods in your meals that not only taste great but provide nutrients that your body needs to keep you fighting fit.

If you want to get more tips or keep updated with the latest health news, click on the link to sign up to my monthly newsletter.

Wishing you all a very merry Christmas.

Jan xx


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