About Jan Clementson

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I spent the early part of my life trying desperately to ignore what my body was trying to tell me.  I didn't want to change those aspects of my lifestyle that I loved but were causing damage.
But I have learned the hard way that changing my eating and lifestyle habits and listening to my body is the only way to achieve the health and wellbeing that I desire.
And now that my body is thanking me for those changes with boundless energy, I would never return to the lifestyle of old.
Now I want to show others how they can benefit from my knowledge and experience to return to their natural state of vibrant health.

My Story

I was introduced to the connection between food and health at an early age in the form of pain. Having suffered from "growing pains" in my knee and elbow joints since I could remember, it was a chance article read by my grandmother that was to change my life. The doctor had told me that I would "grow out" of the pains and that there was nothing I could do other than take painkillers. Yet that article shed a different light and suggested that many children reacted to cheese. Those were the days before food intolerances were really known. I was a complete dairy addict, eating cheese like other children ate chocolate and washed down with pints of milk. 

My mother reduced my cheese intake and the pains subsided a bit but I just learned to live with the pain. I didn't really believe that the food that I loved could cause me so much pain. That is until, I moved out of home, bought a block of cheese and ate it in one go.  I will never ever forget that night because that night I woke up in such excruciating pain that I couldn't even walk to the toilet, I had to crawl.  And despite popping a huge amount of painkillers, the pain would not go away.  I knew there and then that my beloved cheese was causing my problems. Once, I understood that connection, it just had to go.

Fast forward several years and I had moved to London after a stint living in New York. During my US time my whole lifestyle changed.  Gone were my normal healthy ways and in came junk food in the outsize quantities served in the US, lots and lots of alcohol as I embraced the party lifestyle and very little sleep.  Hardly surprisingly, I put on weight whilst I was there.  But when I returned home to a healthier lifestyle, I was shocked to find that my metabolism had changed.  Now, I found it difficult to lose weight and had become lethargic and lacking in energy.  

Several different diets followed that only left me feeling very hungry, angry and irritable. I knew they were not the answer. I really needed to understand what was happening in my body and why different foods could have such effects on me.  At this time, I was working for a book publishing company in their health, wellbeing, mind, body and spirit division.  I was so inspired by this wealth of new information that I encountered on a daily basis, that I decided to follow my passion and returned to university to study Nutritional Medicine.

My nutrition studies were exciting and challenging. Along the way, I encountered stress and burnout as I tried to juggle my studies, with working, intense exercise and socialising. I became fascinated with energy and wanted to know how to get more and what I should avoid to prevent my energy from dropping. This fascination grew deeper when I worked for a nutrition supplement company and was involved in the research for one of their Energy Seminars for practitioners.  This ultimately became the basis for my book The Energy Solution, which I developed and expanded upon from the original research. But there was a missing piece of the jigsaw still to come and that was the emotional/mindset connection that started to become evident in the health conditions of many clients.

Today, I am fit, healthy, slim, full of energy and free from pain. My experiences have led me on a path to a greater understanding of health and disease.  My passion now is to share all that I have learned by showing that vibrant health involves an interaction between food, lifestyle and the emotions. The ultimate expression of which is to experience boundless energy.

I am a UK qualified Nutritional Therapist with a first-class honours degree in Nutritional Medicine from the University of West London.  I am a member of BANT (British Association for Applied Nutritional Therapy) and registered with CNHC (The Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council).


My Experience
My nutrition work has covered the spectrum of working within the nutritional supplement industry, student education and private clients.  Upon graduating from university, I worked as a Clinical Nutrition Advisor for BioCare Ltd (a professional nutritional supplement company) advising on multiple health conditions and conducting scientific research. Subsequently, I worked as a Lecturer in Biomedicine (anatomy, physiology and pathology) for the London College of Naturopathic Medicine; conducted private client work; and published my first book (The Energy Solution). I have since founded my nutritional therapy practice, Boundless Energy, and combine it  with my research and writing interests.
Boundless Energy focuses on stress and low energy conditions that lead to lifestyle diseases. This is very much close to my heart as it is part of my own life experiences.  I know first hand that, with the right knowledge and guidance, these can be overcome.
My Background
Originally from Carlisle in Cumbria, I moved to Leeds, New York, London and Birmingham before settling back in London.  I come from a sporting background, specialising in track athletics and competed for my local running club, Border Harriers, for over 10 years.  It was my love of sport that initially inspired my interest in health and fitness but it was ultimately my life-long dairy intolerance that led me to nutrition.  After starting my career in the legal field, working for the local Magistrates' Court as a Legal Advisor and qualifying as a solicitor, I ultimately gravitated back to the health and fitness world when I was inspired to study nutrition to understand my own health condition.