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The Energy Solution is an essential guide to overcoming feelings of tiredness, overwhelm and fatigue brought on by our modern stressful lifestyles. Based on the latest scientific research, you will get to know the physiological processes involved in energy production and the simple strategies that you can use to optimise your energy and recover from fatigue.

Optimise your energy levels.

Overcome tiredness, overwhelm & fatigue.


Recognise low energy & stress symptoms.


Discover how energy is created.


Learn practical diet & lifestyle tips.


Access the latest scientfic research.

This book givies you all the information you need to help you recover from persistent fatigue & the demands of our modern lifestyles.

Julia Latham, Wigan 

Published Articles
Chufa World Website

Chufa World is a new online website selling Spanish Chufas AKA Tiger Nuts in the UK and providing educational research on the unique health benefits of this product.

CAM Magazine

The Complementary & Alternative Medicine Magazine is the main trade magazine for professionals in the alternative healthcare industry.

Border Harriers Athletic Club Website

Following on from a sports nutrition seminar that I conducted for some of the club athletes, I wrote a series of basic nutrition articles for the club website:

Jan 2018

Want to live longer and lose weight? Then eat more fibre. 

Times Review Article

Aug 2017

Learning how the body fits together

June 2016

Macronutrients vs Micronutrients

June 2014

Hydration: More Than Just Water

March 2014

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November 2013
October 2013

Let Food Be Your Medicine and Medicine Be Your Food